Transforming Congregations
Transforming Congregations is a movement among "mainline" denominational churches to affirm that those who deal with homosexual temptations are loved and that Christ can and does have power to change those who face such temptations.

A mission statement is available.

The general mailing address and editorial office is Trinity United Methodist Church, 724 Niles St, Bakersfield CA 93305. (805) 325-0785. FAX (805) 322-7470.

You may e-mail the coordinator, Ron Dennis. Or you may call Fresno New Creation Ministries at 2513 W Shaw Ave. #102-A, Fresno CA 93711, telephone (209) 227-1066 for additional information.

An article by Transforming Congregations is available.

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Churches affiliated with Transforming Congregations

Uniting Churches in Australia

Stephen Richards, Logan Uniting Church, P. O. Box 239, Springwood, Queensland 4127, Australia. Telephone (07) 3290 1277. FAX (07) 3808 6696.

Spearheading a national network of 27 churches.


North Heights Lutheran Church. 2701 N. Rice St., St. Paul MN 55113. (612) 484-2049, extension 5241.

Methodist Churches within the United States

Listed alphabetically by Annual Conference. If the conference itself is a Transforming Conference, it is marked specially.

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