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Articles on Homosexuality: Author List

Authors affiliated with Exodus International are marked with yellow ball. A TOPIC index is also available, but those marked with $ are not yet listed there.

Alphabetical Index
John Ankerberg Anonymous Esly Carvalho Gene Chase Concerned Clergy and
Laity of the Episcopal Church
Bob Davies Lambert Dophin J. Lee Grady Doug Houck
Richard G. Howe Ed Hurst Barbara Johnson Robbi Kenney Beth J. Lueders
Tony Marco Alan Medinger Peter Moore Jeff Olson Ramsey Colloquium
Judith A. Reisman George Rekers Lori Rentzel Sy Rogers Michael R. Saia
Jeffrey B. Satinover Thomas E. Schmidt Gerald Schoenewolf Charles Socarides Johanna Krout Tabin
Transforming Congregations Neil Whitehead David Wilkerson Anita Worthen Frank Worthen

John Ankerberg & Barry Pintar [remotely linked]
Understanding Homosexuality and Experiencing Genuine Change.
  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4
  5. Part 5
A transcription of John Ankerberg's early 1993 five-part TV show interviewing a variety of people, based on the video by Barry Pintar.

Secrets of Summer
Fictional account of a teen who chose to befriend a gay Christian teen

yellow ball Esly Carvalho
Homosexuality: Christian Approaches
Both healing and learning contribute to recovery from homosexuality.\
See also the Exodus Latinoamérica site.

yellow ball Gene Chase
Dear Warren,
An open letter to a friend dealing with homosexuality.

Concerned Clergy and Laity in the Episcopal Church [remotely linked]
A Time of Trial: A Resource for Understanding the Presentment against Bishop Walter C. Righter
A February 1996 summary of the issues from a conservative point of view, with good resources, especially an excellent study guide, with permission to copy if all is copied.

yellow ball Bob Davies
Homosexuals in the Church,
Reprint of a May 5, 1994 article from Moody Magazine.

What Does the Bible Say?
Reprint of an article from Moody Magazine, 1994.

Are Exodus ministries flakey?

What do homosexuals need most?
En español: Lo que los homosexuales mas necesitan
Homosexuals most need a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Is Your Church Hiding or Healing?
From Ministries Today, July-Aug 1996. [remotely linked]

Advice to overcomers [remotely linked]

yellow ball Bob Davies and Lori Thorkelson-Rentzel
Roots of Homosexuality
Excerpt from the book Coming Out of Homosexuality.

Relinquishment: What Does It Really Mean to Let Go? [remotely linked]

Lambert Dolphin [remotely linked]
Masturbation and the Bible,
Why masturbation is not a wise idea from a Biblical perspective.
Aberrant Sexuality in the Bible,
Why the Bible speaks against homosexuality.
Jesus and the Homosexual,
Why Jesus was against homosexuality.

J. Lee Grady [remotely linked]
Dirty Little Secrets, New Man Magazine, October 1997
Male child abuse. Includes quotations from Alan Chambers, Stephen Black, Bob Davies, and Shawn Corkery.

yellow ball Doug Houck
The Four Stages of Healing
Las Cuatro Etapas De La Sanidad
[A summary of Elizabeth Moberly's theory]
Exodus metaphor [remotely linked]
Relationship with Christ more impt. than biology [remotely linked]
Jesus in the Desert [remotely linked]
Orientation: Psychological and Theological Dead End [remotely linked]
Pornography: Attitude & Addiction [remotely linked]
Repression or True Change? [remotely linked]
Sexuality: Gift or Curse? [remotely linked]

Richard G. Howe [remotely linked]
Homosexuality in America: Exposing the Myths
A 1994 American Family Association pamphlet summarizing a variety of myths about homosexuality. Includes supporting tables and footnotes.

yellow ball Ed Hurst [remotely linked] Healing for the Homosexual

Barbara Johnson [remotely linked]
Advice for Parents of Gay Children
What Do Parents Do When They Discover Their Children Are Involved? Reprinted by permission from Christian Life magazine. Copyright © August 1977 by Christian Life Inc, 396 E. St. Charles Rd, Wheaton IL 60187 USA.

yellow ball Robbi Kenney
Tips for Sharing the Gospel
Ten things Christians should know when sharing their faith with someone dealing with homosexuality.
How you can love the prodigal [remotely linked]
Confession: Gateway to Wholeness. (Originally, "Some Thoughts on the Confession of Sin") [remotely linked]
Endogenous temptation and spiritual warfare [remotely linked]
Healing Through Building The Body Of Christ [remotely linked]
Is Your Husband Gay? [remotely linked]

Beth J. Lueders [remotely linked]
When kids come out of the closet
What to say and do when a student tells you he's gay. From July/August 1996 Teachers in Focus, pp. 9-12.

Tony Marco [remotely linked]
What does the Bible really say about homosexual issues?
Contrasts conservative interpretation with pro-gay interpretation of the Bible. Relates to public policy; see next article for more detail on the latter.
Special Class Protections for Gays: A Question of Orientation and Consequences. A public policy analysis,
Why treating gays as a protected class would not be good public policy.

yellow ball Alan P. Medinger
Articles from Regeneration News
A long series of articles by the director of Regeneration, a ministry in Baltimore, from their monthly newsletter.
Homosexuality and the Truth [remotely linked]
Not the article by the same title from Regeneration News.

Peter Moore
Homosexuality and the New Self
Remote link. Moore is Dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry. He critiques personalistic ethics. Adapted from his essay, And Such Were Some of You.

Jeff Olson [remotely linked]
When Passions Are Confused
Radio Bible Class booklet.

Richard D. Pullin [remotely linked]
Homosexuality And Psychopathology

The Ramsey Colloquium
The Homosexual Movement, a Response
Jewish and Christian scholars of the Institute for Religion and Public Life comment on homosexuality.

Judith A. Reisman [remotely linked]
Partner Solicitation Language as a Reflection of Male Sexual Orientation

George A. Rekers, Ph.D., Editor [remotely linked]
The Journal of Human Sexuality,
Contains the following articles
Other articles by Dr. Rekers are available.
Family Correlates of Male Childhood Gender Disturbance

Lori Thorkelson-Rentzel [remotely linked]
[1] Part 1
[2] Part 2
[3] Part 3 Emotional Dependency: A Threat To Close Friendships

A Spanish version is available.

yellow ball Sy Rogers
Questions I'm Asked Most about Homosexuality
En español Las Preguntas Que Con Mayor Frecuencia Hacen Los Homosexuales
Advice to those dealing with homosexuality. [From 28-page booklet]

When Someone You Love Is Gay
En español Cuando Alguien A Quien Tu Amas Es Homosexual
Advice to those who love someone dealing with homosexuality.

Marriage and the ex-homosexual (the joy of heterosexuality).
En español: El matrimonio y el ex-homosexual (el gozo de la heterosexualidad)

Michael R. Saia [remotely linked]
$ In Search of Mr Right

Jeffrey Satinover [remotely linked]
The Complex Interaction of Genes and Environment: A Model for Homosexuality A NARTH report from 1995.
Statement on Homosexuality A Family Research Council speech, July 2, 1996.

Thomas E. Schmidt
The Great Nature-Nurture Debate
This is Chapter 7 of Schmidt's Straight & Narrow: Compassion and Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate. You may click through to the chapter at Book Excerpt from the main page.

Gerald Schoenewolf [remotely linked]
Militant Homosexuality and Feminism: The Politicizing of Research and Feelings

Charles W. Socarides, M.D.
The Erosion of Heterosexuality,
Reprint of an article from The Washington Times.
Thought Reform and the Psychology of the Homosexual Advocacy

Johanna Krout Tabin [remotely linked]
Clinically Based Thoughts about the Development of Homosexuality

Paul Popper [remotely linked]
Coming out of the Closet: Why I Decided to Treat Homosexuals Who Want to Change Their Orientation

Transforming Congregations
How Should the Church Respond?
Urges compassion and holiness.

Neil E. Whitehead
Science and Sexuality
"A submission to the Anglican Commission on Sex and Gender Issues" reads the subtitle. 1995.

David Wilkerson
Two of Me: The Struggle with Sin
The difference between the struggle with sin before and after a person becomes a Christian. Uses homosexual behaviors as an extended example.

yellow ball Anita Worthen and Bob Davies
Someone I Love is Gay: How Family & Friends Can Respond
Summary of years of personal and of counselling experience.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

yellow ball Frank Worthen
How to Deal with Same-Sex Attractions
Advice to someone wanting to overcome homosexuality.

What Is Homosexuality?
En español ¿Qué es la Homosexualidad?
Four components of homosexuality.

Ex-Gay: Fact, Fraud, or Fantasy?
En español Ex-Homosexual: ¿Hecho, Fraude o Fantasía?
Change is gradual, is not helped by old labels.

The myth of rapid change.
En español: El mito del arreglo rapido

Has God Spoken on the Subject of Homosexuality?

How To Deal With Same-Sex Attractions

$ Self Esteem

$ Máscaras de Espiritualidad

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